I’m a student whose hobby is C++: I write open source projects, blog about them plus more, and give talks. You know, for fun. And you seem to like what I’m doing! My projects have totalled thousands of GitHub stars and my blog posts and talks seem to be well received.

However, this meant it became work.

If you are using my projects, I feel an obligation to maintain them, as fixing weird corner cases is a lot less fun than writing the initial project. In addition, traveling to conferences is expensive. Currently, I mostly rely on speaker grants from the conferences, but I’d like to become more independent and go to the C++ standardization meetings as well.

And this is where you can come in. If you support me, this helps me in three ways:

  1. Money (obviously) – I’ll be able to maintain my open source work without working at the university, which means more time.
  2. Moral obligation – if you are supporting me, I have a reason to maintain and work on my projects.
  3. Feeling of support – I’ll see how many people like my work, so I am more motivated. You can also support specific projects, which I’ll take into consideration when allocating my time.

In exchange, you’ll get:

  1. More maintenance – if a project has a lot of support, I’m more likely to find time to do some of the “boring” maintenance work.
  2. More talks – I’ll be able to travel to more conferences, which means more talks.
  3. My thanks – I don’t have any swag or special rewards, but you’ll get my thanks!

But because this is still my hobby, I won’t always have time to work on my projects or write blog posts. This is why I charge my patreon supporters per productive period: after I feel I did a significant amount of work, that’s a productive period and I’ll make a detailed post listing what I’ve done. That way, you don’t have to support me when I’m not actually working. But don’t worry: a productive period takes at least seven days and you can set monthly caps.

Thank you for considering to support me and thanks to all my existing supporters!